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Advanced Techniques For Analyzing & Optimizing Site Performance


Kelly Wortham, Senior Manager, Global Site Optimization Testing, Dell
Gary Angel, President & CTO, Semphonic
Barry Parshall, SVP Product Management, iJento

Over the past several years we have seen the emergence of advanced analytical techniques for campaign optimization and attribution.

But with websites continuing to get larger and more complex, the techniques we use for analyzing and optimizing online content remain relatively simplistic, despite a wealth of statistical methods at our disposal.

In this webinar you will learn how behavioral topologies and content attribution can be applied towards your testing priorities to enhance your optimization practice. You will also hear how Dell has applied some of these techniques to produce a world-class website.


  • How Dell uses three different approaches to site design
  • How these approaches generate successful tests
  • How current theory in content and web analytics supports and drives those approaches
  • State-of-the-art techniques in content and website analytics

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Kelly Wortham, Senior Manager, Global Site Optimization Testing, Dell
Kelly Wortham

Kelly has been working in digital analytics for the past 10 years. She joined Dell in 2010 and currently manages a global team of optimization testing managers who are responsible for all continuous optimization tests run on all Dell.com global websites – approximately 120 tests per quarter. The primary focus of Dell's testing team is to improve site simplification, revenue and customer experience through improved site design utilizing Test & Target's testing platform to mitigate risk and evaluate performance of proposed changes.

To do this, the testing team co-ordinates with global analytics, global site design and content operations teams to develop tests that will best answer critical questions and goals put forward by the business and global strategy teams. Dell's testing program has achieved multiple WhichTestWon.com awards over the last two years and benefits from more than a 30% win rate, 90% learning rate and 65% implementation rate driving improvements in revenue, conversion and customer experience.

Gary Angel, President and CTO, Semphonic

Gary Angel

Gary Angel is President and CTO at Semphonic. He co-founded Semphonic and continues to lead and develop our industry-leading online measurement practice. Under his leadership, Semphonic has become the leading independent digital measurement consultancy. With Gary at the helm, Semphonic continues to drive towards innovation and pioneering approaches in the digital analytics field.

Since our founding, Gary has led the consulting teams for our largest enterprise clients. His groundbreaking work in hands-on web analytics includes the development of Functionalism (our public-domain methodology for tactical web analysis), pioneering work in the creation of SEM analytics as a discipline, and numerous methodological improvements to the field of web analytics and the study of online behavior.

Barry Parshall, SVP Product Management, iJento
Barry Parshall

Barry is leading iJento's product strategy and driving the company's new product developments. At the heart of iJento is Barry's vision for designing and expanding a portfolio of leading solutions that address multichannel challenges and offer solutions that take customer intelligence to the next level.

Barry has over 25 years experience in the business intelligence, digital marketing, web analytics and data warehouse industries. He comes to iJento from Adobe, where he worked extensively on the development of their flagship Omniture solutions. Prior to this, Barry served as Vice President of Product Strategy and Director of Product Management at Webtrends for 8 years, led the Crystal Reports family of products for Crystal Services, (now part of the Business Objects unit of SAP) and held various senior roles at Micro Data Base Systems.



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