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iJento helps businesses do better marketing analytics. Our technology creates the richest, most accurate customer profiles by "stitching" together visits across all devices and channels into a complete behavioral picture of preferences and history. From these profiles, advanced segmentations are created that can help you more effectively target customers, predict which customers are most likely to buy, what they are most likely to buy next, and which ones are at risk of buying elsewhere. 

With over 14 years of multichannel customer intelligence experience, we deliver results in a fraction of the time of other enterprise solutions. 

Who uses iJento

iJento customers are leading customer centric and data driven organisations from a variety of industries such as:

  • Media & Publishing
  • Financial Services
  • Travel & Entertainment

Blenheim Chalcot

We are excited to announce that iJento is now part of the Blenheim Chalcot Group

Blenheim Chalcot builds businesses that transform industries. It has built over 40 businesses in a variety of sectors including IT Services and Outsourcing, Financial Services, Education, Travel, Software, Sport and Media. 

Today, Blenheim Chalcot companies employ over 3000 people with sales of over £350m and £500m+ forward order book. Blenheim Chalcot looks for high growth industry sectors with large potential scale that are typically undergoing some market, technology or regulatory discontinuity. Its companies build scalable platforms in these sectors that satisfy a significant customer need, resulting in strong and sustainable margins. 

Blenheim Chalcot has a proven approach to developing companies and their teams that combines agile strategy with disciplined governance, processes and financial management and is underpinned by agile leaders and teams. It also provides a range of Venture Builder services covering technology, marketing, sales, talent acquisition, talent development, community, recruitment, accounting, legal and property to help developing companies grow while focusing on their core activities.


The iJento tools are now integrated with Fospha. A Blenheim Chalcot company. 

Fospha provides real time engagement and prediction tools to help organisations understand customer intent and take actions to influence customer behaviour and improve ROI.

iJento Overview
The iJento customer intelligence platform is the first analytics solution built to provide a truly complete view of your customers across all channels and devices.
“Essentially, iJento’s offering gives a shot in the arm to existing analytics services (Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and Webtrends Analytics etc.), as well as plugging into other customer data, to extract better intelligence, thus enabling businesses to understand and target customers on an individual level through the ability to do things like observe individual customer journeys and identify high value consumer segments, and therefore provide relevant and timely information and offers in a scalable way.”
Hear why some of the worlds leading brands use iJento